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Writings from and for the spectrum.

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Hello and welcome to Aspielit. We are friendly, and do not bite unless so requested :)

The specific focus of this community is for the submission of writings written by persons with Aspergers/Autism, or somehow related to the subject of Asperger's/Autism. The guidelines aren't particularly strict; I won't kick non-Aspies out for posting unrelated stuff, unless in the future it becomes a problem.

We are an all-purpose, writing submission community. Some of us submit because we just want to share. Others may want critiques - if you want your stuff to be critiqued, please say so. Also, posting your stuff is good, but if you continually post without giving anything back to the community, I will come after you with my special manager powers and beat you with the bad stick.

Links to already published works but Autistic individuals or about Autism are fine, too. Oh, and the stuff posted can be poetry, essays, other types of nonfiction, stories, whatever. If there's graphic content, though, I'd appreciate it if you post a warning and use an lj cut. For long stuff, also use lj cuts. They are your friends :)

That is all.